In December, PNG Exchange launched their new website.

The goal with the redesign was simple: improve the overall experience for visitors to the site. Buyers and sellers.

The team at PNG Exchange simplified but enhanced the search functionality, allowing users to use the terms they’re familiar with to find the properties they’re looking for. More details about the properties are available to visitors.

For sellers, they completely rebuilt the backend of the site to improve the way you’re able to manage your listings. Sellers control their own profile and properties. Improved document management gives them the option to upload AccuMap and geoSCOUT files to their listings.

They have improved the way properties are shared across social media platforms and search engines. Meaning more people will see the properties.

What’s next for PNG Exchange?

The PNGX team has big plans for the next phase of the site. More property listings and a long list of feature enhancements they’ll be incorporating over the next 6 months. They’re also open to ideas, so if you have any features you’d like to see on the site, let them know.

They’re also looking to expand into new areas. If you have properties in the United States or elsewhere, they’d love to list and market them for you. Don’t limit yourself to just local buyers.


Here are a few of the newest properties available on PNG Exchange:

Crew Energy Inc. | Luseland Unity Heavy Oil Opportunity

Canlin Energy Corporation | Saskatchewan Fee Title Lease Auction

InPlay Oil | Mannville Light Oil Asset

Battle River Energy | East Central AB

Elcano Exploration Inc. | Manitoba Lodgepole Prospect

Perpetual Energy | Mannville Oil Opportunities


PNG Exchange provides landmen, geologists and other oil and gas professionals a platform for acquiring or disposing properties. PNG Exchange offers the quickest and most cost-effective way to find deals by reaching the widest number of interested parties and truly testing the market.

For over a decade PNG Exchange has been a resource for industry professionals and continues to innovate and adapt to the changing landscape of the energy industry.

To view properties, list your own or for more information about PNG Exchange, visit

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