Advertise on PNGX

Are you looking to connect with thousands of oil and gas professionals in Canada and the United States? Are you a law firm, accounting firm or service company with services that would benefit the partners and visitors to PNG Exchange?

We offer two advertising options on the PNG Exchange.

Need help convincing someone at the office to use PNGX? Show them the PNG Exchange overview presentation.

Big Box Ad

On the right hand side of every page of the site is an advertising spot. Your ad could be there for thousands of visitors each month to see. We have a couple options for this. You can be the exclusive advertiser for the month or include your ad in the rotation with other advertisers.

Exclusive Ad
The cost to be the exclusive ad is $500 +GST per month.

Rotation Ad
To be included within the rotation of other advertisers is $200 +GST per month.

Email Newsletter Ad

We allow a select few advertisers to include an advertisement in emails to PNG Partners and visitors. We take their time and inbox very seriously and don’t want to flood them with unnecessary ads. If you offer a high value service to our email subscribers, we’ll allow you the opportunity to include an advertisement to our subscribers.

The cost to include your advertisement on PNG emails is $500 +GST per month.

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