Why Choose PNGX?

Easy to use

Manage your own properties. Post a property for sale, farmout, lease, or other deal type in 5 to 10 minutes. Add, edit, update and remove an unlimited amount of properties at any time instantly. Upload documents, maps, contract agreements and anything you need to move your property.

Expand your reach

You no longer have to send out mass e-mails to the industry or cold call your competitors. All new properties are posted on our social media network, the BOE Report and our email list, reaching thousands of potential buyers.

Cost effective

The cost to your company is the lowest in the industry. PNGX is the most inexpensive form of advertising to oil and gas professionals. Properties will be posted for as long or as little as required.

Industry Experience

For over a decade PNGX has been the place for companies looking for available properties. Members have access to our experienced sales team for advice on reaching the most potential buyers.


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