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PNGexchange.com Partners Exclusively with geoSCOUT

PNGexchange.com has entered into an exclusive partnership with geoLOGIC Systems Ltd., an industry leading developer of high quality Oil and Gas databases and premium software products, including geoSCOUT.

All PNGexchange.com property information is now accessible from within geoSCOUT's Map Window. Property information is easily launched from the Layer Manager and displayed directly in geoSCOUT's Map Window for your project area. Data is downloaded in real time to ensure you receive the most current PNGexchange.com listings. Property listings in the Map Window are clickable, leading you directly to all the information you need about the property you are interested in.

View all properties available in your area of interest for a quick and accurate evaluation utilizing the industry's quickest and most cost-effective tool.

For more information on geoLOGIC's products, please visit: www.geologic.com


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