PNG Exchange provides landmen and other oil and gas professionals a platform for acquiring or disposing of properties. PNG Exchange benefits companies looking to divest properties by reaching the widest number of interested parties in the marketplace.

It also allows acquiring companies to see available properties in an easy and customizable way.

PNG Exchange is the quickest and most cost-effective way for disposing and acquiring parties to come together.

Download the PNG Exchange overview.

How it works

Anyone can view available properties on the website at no cost. For one annual fee, companies are entitled to have as many users as they desire post an unlimited amount of properties. PNG Exchange does not get involved in transactions and does not charge a commission or fee when transactions are completed.

The PNG Exchange advantage

Easy to use

Post a property available for sale, farmout, lease, or other deal type in 5 to 10 minutes.


Post properties yourself. This also allows you to add, edit, update and remove properties at any time instantly.

Time effective

It saves you valuable time and energy. You no longer have to send out mass e-mails of your divestments to industry or cold call your competitors. The initial and nominal effort of posting on PNG Exchange will ensure maximum viewing by industry.

Cost effective

Thorough market research ensures that the cost to your company is the lowest among industry. This is the most inexpensive form of advertising to oil and gas professionals. There is no need to purchase space for certain ad sizes or time frames. Properties will be posted for as long as required, or as little time as it takes.


For over a decade it has been the place for companies looking for available properties.

Multiple Uses

Expiring acreage, properties for sale, farming out operations notices, section 18 notices, well abandonment candidates, seismic options and more.